A Portland fitness experience you will not want to miss! 

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2019 Charity Sweat Crawl

Saturday, March 30, 2019
10:45 am to 3:15 pm

The #POPPINTEAM has THREE amazing sweat crawls comin’ your way! Join us in benefit of Flatwater Foundation


Flatwater Foundation is dedicated to providing those diagnosed with cancer, their families and loved ones access to mental health therapy and family support. This includes access to both traditional and non-traditional methods of psychological counseling.



10:45–11:30 am

Meet and Greet

Nossa Familia Coffee, Pearl District
Get fueled up & fired up with coffee, snacks and SWAGGG BAGS!



12:00–12:45 pm

1:30–2:15 pm

Workouts #1 & #2

Group A — RevoCycle & Pure Barre
Get ready to pedal it out and plie!

Group B — Bar Method & Portland City Boxing
Tucks, pulses, right hooks, oh my!

Group C — Ride PDX & Root Whole Body
Tap backs and sooo much flow!


2:30–3:15 pm

After Party!

Time to PAR-TAAYY!