our vision is to motivate

We believe that working out should be fun and social. We’ve all heard of pub crawls so we thought, “why not a sweat crawl?!” — all with the help of our fave local fitness studios, cafés, pubs, and restaurants.

We'll be with you the whole way to chat, help out, and support YOU.


How does it work?

Come on down and we’ll show you!


1 — Get Pumped

We start our morning with coffee, snacks, and juice. We don't want you to get your sweat on without caffeine! While at the meet & greet spot you'll mingle with fellow fitness enthusiasts and fill out your waivers (if you haven't done so from your email already). 

You'll have time to talk with the Poppin' team and get your swag bag. Our team would love to chat about your expectations and experience!

A great way to sweat through my day with my friends. I loved that I got to check out a new studio that I’ve been hesitant to try and now want to sign up for it.

2 — Walk & Warm Up

We’ll take a walk to our first gym. This quick warm up will start to get your body warm and your heart rate slightly elevated. It’s also a great time to meet new people and chat about your fitness backgrounds! 

Warming up is always an important part of your workout. It gets your heart rate up slowly and gets your muscles warm so you can have a more efficient work out. 

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3 — Workout #1

We’ll get to our first studio and you'll have time to look around and check out the facilities while we get everyone checked in and ready to go. We’ll get set up and then you get to enjoy a 45-minute work out with awesome instructors! 

I left the event feeling the best I’ve ever felt. It was challenging, fulfilling, and empowering. I loved it so much and couldn’t stop talking about it to anyone who would listen!

4 — Cool Down

We’ll POP on over to the second studio. Lower your heart rate and chat with those around you about the first class. If you feel so inclined, you can also skip or jump because the first workout was so much fun! 

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5 — Workout #2

Just like the first class, you’ll have time to explore the studio and chat with your fellow crawlers before we get to our second sweat. Then we’ll get set up and have another great 45-minute workout with yet another of Portland’s fabulous fitness instructors. 

POPPIN’ was such a fun experience! It was a great way to meet new people and try classes I’ve always wanted to try.

6 — A Poppin’ Party!

Pretty self explanatory... We’ll POP over to a local brewery, pub, bar, or local hangout and have snacks and drinks while we chat about how much fun we all had getting our sweat on. Hang out and enjoy! 

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